About Me

My name is Lindsay Schiltz and this is my official Peace Corps blog.  I will be serving in Colombia as part of their TEL (Teaching English for Livelihoods) program.  I will be working alongside Colombian English teachers to improve educational practices and develop English language materials.  I will also participate in community outreach activities depending on the needs of my individual community.

1557578_10155853386840179_9105519071616844082_nI graduated from UW-Madison in 2014 with a major in Spanish Education (K-12).  My junior year, I was lucky enough to study abroad in Lima, Peru for a year, and I fell in love with South America, travel, and life abroad.  After graduation, I went on a 3 month trip through Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina with my good friend, Marissa.  I look forward to returning to South America for a unique experience in a country I have never been to.  Stay tuned for updates as I make the transition from Invitee to Trainee to Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV).

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