Q:  Where exactly will you be?

A:  For training (first 3 months of service) I will be in a small town 40 min. South of Barranquilla.  For my 2 years of service, I will be assigned to a “site” which will most likely be a small town somewhere in northern Colombia (along the Caribbean).  See map below.

Q:  Where will you live?

A:  Both for training and service I will be living with a Colombian host family.

Q:  How long will you be gone?

A:  I will be gone for 27 months.  This includes 3 months of training and 2 years of service.  I will depart January 12, 2016.

Q:  What will you be doing?

A:  I will be working as a Teaching English for Livelihoods (TEL) volunteer as part of the Colombian government’s initiative to improve English proficiency and make Colombians more globally competitive.

Q:  Isn’t Colombia dangerous?

A:  Colombia definitely has a reputation for being violent, and rightfully so.  The country has a long history of violent conflict between right and left wing groups, fueled in recent decades by drug trafficking.  In fact, the Peace Corps was suspended in Colombia for safety reasons in 1981.  Recently, government initiatives and peace talks have been able to improve safety, and the Peace Corps started sending volunteers back to Colombia in 2010.  I am confident in the Peace Corps’s safety criteria, and I know that, like anywhere else in the world, there will be unique safety concerns that I will inform myself about and adapt to.

colombia map
I will be in a small town in one one of the following provinces: Bolivar, Atlántico, Magdalena or Guajira.