…Then 3 weeks happened

So… sorry everybody.  I’ve been here for 3 weeks and I’m just now writing a post.  In my defense, I didn’t have internet that worked with my computer and I’m definitely not about to write up a blog post on my phone, but it’s all good now (thanks, neighbors!)

About my town

  • I live in a pretty small town about 30 minutes south of Barranquilla on the photo (3)Magdalena River.
  • The main source of transportation around town is a motocarro (basically a motorcycle with seats on the back).  They are constantly whizzing around and I am terrified of getting run over by one.
  • It’s really hot here as expected.
  • People here are really nice and I feel very safe.

About my family

  • I have a host mom, dad and four sisters (all around my age).
  • My host mom and her sister are both teachers at the school where I’m doing my practicum.
  • My sisters are all really nice and have worked hard to make sure I have not had a moment of boredom since I arrived.
  • My sisters all studied really cool sciency subjects like industrial engineering, microbiology and chemical engineering (except the youngest who just started college).
  • I live in a very nice house and have a very comfortable room.
  • I have a 2 year old host neighbor who practically lives at our house and loves to color and play Peppa the Pig and dolls with me.  She’s also an awesome dancer.
  • We also have a ton of birds including 3 talking parrots that know phrases such as “Gooool de Junioooor!”,  “Junior, tu papá!” and “Mi amor, mi vida!”

About Carnaval

  • Every Colombian I’ve met has said “You came here at the best time!” Why? Because
    A marimonda riding a moto.  Sooo carnaval.


  • Carnaval is a celebration of the time leading up to lent that combines African, Spanish and Indigenous roots and includes concerts, parades, pageants, activities for kids and much more.
  • Carnaval is not a day but a season.  For pretty much the entire month of January and the beginning of February it’s pretty much a nonstop party.
  • Interesting Carnaval traditions:
    • People throw Cornstarch at each other.  No idea why.  They also spray each other with foam and water.
    • People dress up in a variety of costumes.  One is the Marimonda which basically looks like a weird, colorful, badly drawn elephant person.
    • Another popular costume is to dress up as a negrito and paint your entire body black.  It’s not considered offensive here as it is seen as a celebration of African culture.

So that’s just a little update about my situation here.  I’m having a blast and have definitely been super busy.  More to come later!

One thought on “…Then 3 weeks happened

  1. Sandra J Key February 6, 2016 / 3:38 am

    Thank you for the great and informative update. I love reading all about you and your great experiences. A house full of girls and birds, life has to be good! Can’t wait to hear more. Hugs to you, your host family and friends!


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